Night of Jazz in Calella

Andrea motis

The December 28 Calella have the opportunity to hear live one of the warmest and most gifted voices of the current Catalan jazz world, young revelation Andrea Motis, who will also tell also recognized and oldest musician Joan Chamorro, former director of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, with which Andrea began their first presentations.

Joining them NewCat (The New Catalan Ensemble), a formation that makes history with the fusion of traditional Catalan music, specifically cobla with other styles such as pop, jazz and TechLab.

This opportunity will present the album “Coses which is diuen but is not fan” (Things that are said but not done), in which Andrea gives voice to a selection of beautiful works of contemporary poets of Catalan. The title is from a poem by poet and Majorcan writer Sebastià Alzamora, but also find it to disk “Sun” Joan Vinyoli, “Marriott” Joan Margarit or “rec Tailor” by Enric Casasses, among others.

The Motis-Chamorro duo with guitarist Josep Traver, have just successfully present at the famous Olympia theater in Paris, which has served as the backdrop to great performers of different musical styles. They have also made a beautiful version of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, who has been chosen as the central theme Disco TV3 Marathon this 2014.

We recommend not to miss this concert, surely it very emotional, especially for this date will live unforgettable moments for long. The appointment is in the multipurpose room of Fàbrica Lloret i Guri at 19:00 on the 28th.


The “6 hour run” in Calella 2014

carrera seis horas calella

Among the most anticipated sporting events that take place in the Maresme is the race “6 hours of Calella”. It is an ultra endurance test designed for the disputing only 50 athletes and this time celebrates its fifteenth edition.

Organizes the “Peña 100 Km Sunday Catalan” and, as in previous years, participants must run as far as possible for 6 hours in a circuit 3 kilometers, complete up and down the promenade of 1.5 kilometers extension: who earn more meters in the time given, you win.

For athletes this is a good spot because it is flat, mostly dirt, paved in some areas and that directly receives the breeze from the nearby sea, elements that help develop the competition, with the addition that during the coming and going between the starting point and goal, supported by their peers and the viewing public. As in other sporting events, both residents of Calella as visitors can follow the race from very close to the riders, and all throughout your route.

The output is set for 09:00 am on December 7, from the level crossing Manuel Puigvert ride. He completed six hours after the awarding of the winners will be public activity; and a meal and raffle sports equipment, only for participants and their companions.

On this occasion have registered more than 25 riders, some of them winners of international competitions. Each one up to the starting point with its defined objectives and a personal commitment to achieving away, because in this type of testing is very important psychological preparation. So you see better themselves in each section and surrender to the thrill of racing.


Calella Christmas Fair


From 5 to 14 December Calella III will hold its Christmas Fair series of festive days starring Joy, who will use every trick to conquer every section of the city.

The first fair was held in 2012 and watched his great welcome and level of involvement of those invited to organize, they decided to repeat it in 2013. Already this year 2014 is nothing to make a new edition, it comes to securing an activity has been integrating the soul of the community and that clearly is going becoming popular tradition.

This time opens the 5th at 17:00 h in Plaҫa of lEsglésia. There will be represented various commercial establishments in the usual booths where you can buy handicrafts, crafts, decorative items and original gifts for Christmas celebrations. Also return to the show volunteers Kinembolik group with their delicious dishes proposals Central European regions and hot drinks, whose proceeds will join the TV3 Marathon to fund research into heart disease.

At 18:00 pm of the same day, in the Plaҫa of lAjuntament, have another place of the magical moments of the show. This is a children’s show by the group traveling “Somnis Dalícia” which will culminate with the lighting of the Christmas lights. And at 19:30, the commercial center of Calella be encouraged to step Grossa Cap Dany, a character who represents the hopes of those who have purchased a lottery ticket Catalan, to reward December 31.

To close the opening night, at 22:00 pm, we will have the option to enjoy a jam session masterful Jazz Cafe Mozart Hall, with renowned musicians. During the remaining days of fun opportunities for all ages, to highlight the parade of Mickey Noel, Disney character, who travel the commercial center of Calella on Saturday 13th from 11:30 h multiply.

The days that occupies the fair will be marked by another group of special activities that deserve special mention, such as the march for TV3 Marathon, the 14th, and the opening of the stalls in different parts of the city, which suggest no lose yourself.


Hike the Montnegre


On Sunday November 30 will leave the Marxa Calella de Sant Andreu, a noncompetitive popular hike this time celebrating its third edition. As on previous occasions coincide with the feast of the Apostle Andrew, hence its name, and share the objective that residents of the city, along with family, friends and visitors more aware of the Park Montnegre Corridor, prodigious natural environment very close to town.

This protected area is part of the coastal mountain range is located strategically in line with the coast, which gives it a very particular attraction. It highlights the pine trees closest to the maritime area, and oak, oak and cork oak beds located in the central and border areas with the valley; a landscape dotted with dolmens, Iberian remains, medieval churches and typical farmhouses.

The organizers of the walk, the Friends Association Escoltes Montnegre, redesign the path in each edition for repeat can learn new areas of the park. This time the march will start from the Plaҫa Buñol (Riera de Capaspre) and ending on the Font de Sant Quirze, after having gone through about ten attractions among which are the ruins of the hermitage of Sant Andreu de lArboceda .

Participants can choose between short route of 11 kilometers, or Long 14. Those interested can register until November 22 at the Papereria Rogers (Carrer Amadeu 1-7 localities 3, Calella; and the day of the walk, at 08:30 h in that point. advance registration is priced at € 7 and which is made on the same day of the march, priced at € 8. the starting order will be given at 09:00 AM and once finished the course buffet and a shirt to each registered will be delivered.

Do not miss this opportunity to visit the park in the company of those who love him and know him well. To stay informed about itineraries and details recommend visiting the website of the organizers,


Exposition sur Calella de 1714


Ces jours, vous pouvez visiter le Musée Municipal Archives Josep-Maria Codina i Bagué, Calella, l’exposition temporaire “1714. Il ne était même pas une ombre de l’ancien “. Ce est le titre suggestif, pris d’une citation de l’écrivain Francesc de Castellví, avec laquelle les organisateurs ont baptisé un échantillon de grande valeur historique, le résultat d’intenses recherches dans les fonds de l’institution elle-même.

L’exposition est divisée en quatre zones: la vie quotidienne des habitants de Calella début du XVIIIe siècle; une chronologie de l’évolution de la guerre de Succession en Catalogne et Calella; et deux blocs dédiés aux changements économiques et institutionnels qui ont eu lieu avant et après le décret de la nouvelle usine.

Parmi les pièces exceptionnelles est un pamphlet étonnant de l’auto-proclamation en faveur de Carlos III, en date du 1705, unique dans la région du Maresme et qui ne existent que d’autres copies de la Bibliothèque de Catalogne à Barcelone. Une autre curiosité est une grande carte de la ville du XVIIIe siècle, avec périmètre bien délimité, où vous pouvez trouver les points de repère de l’époque et les comparer restent pour assister à la cours de l’histoire locale.
Aussi très intéressant, ce est de découvrir que Calella à cette époque était une zone de vastes vignobles, d’où ses principaux moteurs économiques ont été la culture du raisin et la production de vin, aujourd’hui sous-développés activités sur son territoire.

L’exposition est l’entrée gratuite et peut être visitée du mardi au samedi 18h00-21:00 h, et le dimanche, avec des visites guidées et les jours fériés 11h00-14h00 h. Elle sera ouverte jusqu’au 7 Janvier 2015 mais nous recommandons à ceux intéressés à en apprendre plus sur ces questions, en passant par le Musée le 30 Novembre à 12:00 h, quand un atelier sera organisé par un instructeur fois la visite.


“Vi per Vida”, solidary wine tasting in Calella


Calella is preparing to mark the second wine tasting solidarity “Vi per Life” organized by the eponymous association founded by renowned sommelier Xavier Ayala.

The tasting, which aims to raise funds for research to combat metastasis, will take place on November 29 at 18:00 in Lloret Fàbrica and Guri, and this initiative other personalities in the incorporated restoration and art, either by their presence or promotional videos to be screened at the venue. These include the award-winning Catalan chef Carme Ruscalleda, whose restaurants in Spain and Tokyo already up seven Michelin stars; actor and television presenter Quim Masferrer, founder of Guerrilla Theatre Company, and the prestigious cartoonist and illustrator Pilarín Bayes.

The wines will be donated by the Catalan wineries that make up the appellation Allela, consortium of the June 7, 2010 and composed of seven municipalities of Vallès Oriental; by Costers del Segre, which groups seven subzones of Lleida; the Pla de Bages, composed of 26 municipalities in the county and the Empordà, consists of two subzones of Girona.

The event, designed for about 440 people and whose participation fee is only 5 €, dishes prepared by students of the Bishop Sivilla Calella Institute will also be tasted. Proceeds will be given in full at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona.

Now you can buy the tickets in the town of Calella in the store Fruits secs Tulsa, located in Carrer de la Esglèsia 223; at Sapore d’Italia, Carrer de Sant Joan 66 restaurant; and the Institute Bisbe Sivilla, Carrer Valldebanador 39. Also through page

As expressed in the phrase of a known singer, “the best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but it is shared”, this is a great opportunity to share wine and solidarity.


Vuelve Exponuvis en noviembre


The multipurpose hall Fàbrica Llobet i Guri de Calella will host Exponuvis, the bridal fair i l’Alt Maresme.

In this third edition, from 14 to 16 November 2014, there will be proposals of great interest to everyone, as it will not only be to evaluate offers from exhibitors from glamorous dresses to less elegant wedding dresses, also catering, lingerie, jewelry, makeup, photographic and audiovisual services, invitations, flowers, traveling and other details.

There are over 64 companies registered, of which some are participating for the first time.

The organizing group of Exponuvis, FestaMusic, mentioned that during the exhibition session music is heard over the PA system throughout the premises; also they will offer live performances: dance, music and entertainment for children. In the parade, which will take place on the 15th at 20:00 and 16 to 19:00 h, wedding gowns, lingerie, kidswear and escorts for these special occasions will be exhibited.

As expected, engaged couples will star in this room. For them the tickets are free, and you can request them on the web For the general public will have an entry price of 3 €. The fair will be open on Friday 14th from 17:00 to 21:00 h, 15 and 16 from 11:00 to 21:00 h during development hold civil weddings.

Whether or not we are thinking of a wedding or have been invited to some; visit a show like this will make us get into the fantastic world of flavored cakes and cheerful clink of glasses in a toast to the newlyweds. We recommend it.


Calella, sede principal de los Juegos Special Olympics Cataluña 2014

Del 30 de octubre al 2 de noviembre de 2014, Cataluña organiza la que se considera una de las competiciones deportivas internacionales más importantes para atletas con discapacidad intelectual: los Juegos Special Olympics; encomiable resultado del trabajo de la fundación que les da nombre, creada en 1968 por Eunice Kennedy Shiver, y que está presente en 170 países y regiones. La Special Olympics Cataluña fue registrada en 2005, pero ya desde 1988 se celebraban juegos en esta comunidad.

Joc special olympics

En la edición 2014 se competirá en 12 disciplinas y habrá dos sedes: Barcelona, que acogerá las pruebas de vela, baloncesto y tenis, y Calella, donde se podrá disfrutar del resto de las modalidades. Ya se han inscrito 1.350 deportistas provenientes de Cataluña, de otras regiones españolas y de al menos otros 12 países, quienes participarán en la ceremonia inaugural que se efectuará el día 30 en el complejo deportivo municipal Mar Bella de Barcelona y en la de culminación, que tendrá lugar en Calella el día 2 de noviembre en la Fábrica de Llobet i Guri.

Diversas instalaciones deportivas de Calella han sido elegidas para desarrollar el evento. Atletismo y hockey interior competirán en la zona deportiva La Muntayneta, ubicada en el carrer Llobet i Guri; balonmano y bádminton en el Pabellón Municipal Deportivo del Parc Dalmau; gimnástica y tenis de mesa tendrán lugar en la Fábrica de Llobet i Guri, en el carrer de Sant Jaume; natación en la piscina municipal, ubicada en Riera de Valldenguli s/n; el futbol sala se jugará en el campo de futbol de Mar, en el Paseo Marítimo frente a la estación de RENFE, y la petanca en el Passeig de Mar, aspirando la fresca brisa del Mediterráneo.

La antorcha olímpica, representada en el logotipo de los juegos en el que también se hace alusión al Faro de Calella, iniciará su recorrido en Figueras el día 21 de octubre y encenderá el pebetero el día 30 en Barcelona. Desde ese momento también acompañará a los atletas el dragón Nuc, la alegre mascota del evento, cuyo tema es la canción Simply the best, de Tina Turner.

Se ha proyectado un espacio de convivencia, el Village, para compartir actividades de ocio y entretenimiento, de perfil cultural o recreativo, cuyo núcleo ocupará gran parte del Paseo Marítimo y estará distribuido en 27 carpas con diversos fines. Abierto desde las 10:00 h a las 20:00 h, será un lugar ideal de encuentro para deportistas, entrenadores, familiares y vecinos de Calella.


Oktoberfest Calella

The Oktoberfest, known by its original name in German Oktoberfest is one of the most anticipated celebrations in different regions of the world. It dates back to October 12, 1810, when it was first organized in Munich during the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.

The spirit of this holiday was accompanying tourists and migrants and Germans joined the traditions of over 15 countries in which it currently takes place. Regardless of the region where it is made, its protagonist is beer made ​​within the city limits of Munich that meets the Reinheitsgebot (purity law), to a minimum of 6% ​​alcohol.

octoberfest calella

Calella was the first city to host the Oktoberfest outside Germany. On the initiative of the authorities of the town was held in May 1985 the German Week Calella, with the participation of 30 mayors from cities Germanic. That was the opportunity to formalize cultural exchanges and to flesh out the idea of ​​organizing the party in the style of Munich. Thus, from mid-August 1986 to September 4 of that year, under a large marquee on the promenade with seating for 1,500 people, took place could be considered the first such celebration in Spain.

The distinguished German genuine environment achieved by decoration representative of Bavaria and the coming and going of brewers and waiters dressed in typical costumes, full of overflowing beer mugs and brodzeit, delicious cold plate with cold cuts. The music was in charge of the group Original Isarwinkler, from the Munich region.
oktoberfest calellaSuccessive editions of the festival have been strengthening their intention to cultural exchange and today is considered an important festival that brings together some 2,500 European musicians.

This year’s Oktoberfest Calella 2014 will take place from 4 to 25 October, days can be enjoyed parades, excellent culinary delights, hearty beer, bands from 11 countries and good atmosphere. Its headquarters will be the big tent of Playa Grande, where there will be music from 20:00 to 01:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and until 02:00 pm Friday and Saturday.

For more information visit the event website: Oktoberfest 2014

The photos were taken from Octoberfest Calella